Archdiocese of Bombay honours Msgr. Nereus Rodrigues

Msgr. Nereus Rodrigues was honoured with Lifetime achievement award on his 95th birthday by Cardinal Oswald Gracias for Msgr. Nereus' remarkable contributions to the field of education.

Cardinal Gracias, on the joyous occasion, declared the institution of “Msgr. Nereus Rodrigues Educator Award” to honor the ”best educator” in the archdiocese.

Founding trustee and first principal of St. Andrews college, Msgr. Nereus has had 60 years of academic sevice at the education apostalate of the archdiocese.

“In Bombay, as it was known in those days, there were many neighborhoods where poorer sections of Catholics lived, and we welcomed their children, who were first-generation learners, into the schools. They were treated on par with the students from ‘well-to-do’ families - there was no distinction, and all our students were given the same opportunities”, says Msgr. Nereus.

He has worked towards the upliftment of many an educational institution under the archdiocese. He coyly responds when asked about the exceptional service he has rendered over the years, that he is an “unworthy servant” and that he has only done his duty.

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