Pope Francis condemns the chemical attack in Douma

Chemical attack in Douma in Eastern Ghouta, Syria, has claimed the lives of as many as 70, with fifteen sustaining breathing difficulties.

Pope Francis, following the Regina Coeli prayer on Sunday, prayed for the victims of the brutal chemical attack. He said:

“Terrible news reaches us from Syria of bombings with tens of victims, many of whom are women and children.

News of so many people stricken by the effects of chemical substances contained in the bombs. Let us pray for all the deceased, for the wounded, for the families that suffer.

There isn’t a good or bad war and nothing — nothing can justify the use of such instruments of extermination against defenseless people and populations.

Let us pray that the political and military men responsible may choose another way, that of negotiation, the only one that can lead to a peace that’s not that of death and of destruction.”

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