Last Supper

When he rose from the table
Many in thrones of power
Tumbled down.

Last Supper

By Joe Palathunkal
When he sat at table
To share the bread
Many tables of Dives
Turned upside down;
When he rose from the table
Many in thrones of power
Tumbled down;
When he removed his outer garment
Many garments
Which covered ugly powers
Perforated and tore;
When he tied a towel around waist
Many looking for one
Saw the star of hope peeping down;
The fishermen sat puzzled
While their teacher stood up
Before his seated disciples

And when he took water in a basin
They saw in it a smiling ocean
And when he asked for their feet
For washing
History stood wondering
With finger on her chin
And the feet
Which every day got into water
Failed to understand the act at all
If they had remembered his words:
“I am the way”
The meaning would have
Dawned on them
Like the early rising sun.

And when he asked at last
“Do you understand what I have done?”
Those who did not want to understand
Looked at each other
Down the centuries and asked:
“If we understand
Can we remain masters?”

(Joe Palathunkal is Associate Editor, Living in Faith)

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