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When examination fever grips families

Prayers at home should not be neglected because of examination busyness. Family rosary and reading of the Bible will definitely help you.

When examination fever grips families

By Joe Palathunkal
I know in the month of January many Catholic families across India are tense. Reason: the imminent board examinations of their children. In the month of March onwards they will be busy making their siblings prepare for the grade 10 or 11 board examinations. Catholic families can ill-afford to neglect these exams because the whole family’s economic and social upward movement depends upon the results of these exams.

Besides, education was an un declared motto of all the Catholic families because even reading the Bible and attending the Holy Mass had a lot to do with good education. In such a tense situation what the families can do is extremely important. As a Catholic when my daughters reached board levels, I myself know the tension my wife and myself went through. If they fail or bring low grades, we felt, our world will collapse. But the good Lord blessed our children and they came out in flying colours, and after her Electronics and Communication engineering, my eldest daughter is well placed. So here are some suggestions as an experienced Catholic parent:

  • Create an atmosphere at home for study. Make sure reasonable quietness within your home. A quiet atmosphere stimulates thinking and reflection.
  • Motivate your children to follow this method – Read, Reflect, and Remember. If children can reflect on what they study, they will never forget. Reflection also means a certain amount of understanding, if not hundred percent. If you just learn by rot, it is extremely difficult to remember. Learn with understanding. For this students have to think with the teacher in the class.
  • Prayers at home should not be neglected because of examination busyness. Family rosary and reading of the Bible will definitely help you. Holy Mass is an energizer and go for it without ignoring. Mother Teresa of Calcutta used to say that she got the energy for her whole day’s work from the morning Eucharist.

Then remember those beautiful tips by Father E. H. McGrath, S.J. for learning efficiently:

1 Keep yourself fit both physically and temperamentally. Get sufficient sleep. Take vigorous exercise. Provide time daily to do something that you genuinely enjoy doing: painting, music, poetry.
2 Have a regular place for study. Fix up a study table for yourself with a straight chair. Keep only necessary items on it. As far as possible provide for privacy and quiet. Friends can be your greatest hindrance to study.
3 Work out a time-schedule and follow it.
4 Improve your study methods: reading ability, note-taking ability, and listening ability.
5 Stimulate motivation by recalling your goals.

If you follow these, your children can score reasonably good grades. Try this and find out the difference.

(Joe Palathunkal is Associate Editor, Living In Faith)

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